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  1. Russia Military Drills

    As the Russian military continues to squeeze Ukraine from three directions, Canada and its NATO allies are trying to de-escalate an increasingly volatile situation.


    The first flights carrying fresh water and other aid to Tonga finally arrived Thursday after the Pacific nation's main airport runway was cleared of ash left by a huge volcanic eruption.

  3. Biden

    U.S. President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he had underestimated the extent of Republican opposition to his programs and acknowledged Americans' frustration at the slow pace of COVID-19 testing, but said the United States was on track to meet considerable challenges from the pandemic and inflation.

  4. Belarus Russia Military

    As it debates whether to send weapons to Ukraine, the federal government is taking into account Russia's quest for "excuses" to invade, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today.

  5. Obit Andre Leon Talley

    André Leon Talley, a vibrant presence in the American fashion scene and former editor-at-large of U.S. Vogue, has died at 73. Canadians from the arts and fashion worlds mourn the style icon and reflect on his legacy.